Location - Eggbuckland Keep

Date - 17th November 2018

Time - 22:00 til 06:00

Price £35.00

Eggbuckland keep


Eggbuckland keep was a defensible barracks, and part of the Plymouth land defences. it was constructed by 1872 and was the only fortified barracks of the four proposed by the Royal Commission of 1860 for Plymouth, and was the last `keep' built in Britain. Surrounded by a ditch flanked by caponiers. It was designed to cover the rear of Forder Battery and to be the main barracks for 230 men for Bowden.

So join us on what could be our 1 and only visit as the keep is due to be sold early 2019, and find out what goes on, and what stories we can uncover in this over night investigation!!!




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